Iron Infusion

If medically appropriate, please talk to your doctor, usually takes 60 mins.

Why do we need iron? Iron is an extremely important element requiring to produce haemoglobin. If you are low in HB you may develop the following symptoms. Lethargy, shortness of breath, poor appetite, poor memory.

Who needs iron infusion?

  • If unable to tolerate oral iron, then this may be an option experiencing symptoms of iron deficiency
  • Unable to tolerate oral iron replacement (due to side effects especially constipation)
  • Needs rapid replacement of iron in severe iron deficiency

All patients who need an iron infusion will be reviewed by one of our GPs. Any underlying reason for your iron deficiency will be addressed. The procedure will also be explained, and informed consent will be obtained. After the iron infusion, you will have a follow-up blood test in 6 weeks.

Out of pocket expenses is 160 $ for the procedure with additional consumable fee of 30 $ ( Medicare rebate may be available ) , depending on the patient and the time duration.

Iron Infusion Appointments

Please phone reception to make an appointment.

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